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What is an online newspaper?

Some of the most iconic moments in human history have been immortalized within the pages of a newspaper. For generations, people relied on printed newspapers to learn about what was going on in the world. Digital newspapers have carried on that tradition in the digital age. 

Our newspaper creator gives you all the tools you need to not only create your own newspaper online but monetize it in ways a traditional newspaper never could! It’s time the world heard your story from your point of view. 

You don’t need to be a hard-hitting journalist to utilize our newspaper maker. Your publication is a fantastic asset your business can use to inform, educate, and sell your products or services. Issuu’s interactive newspaper creator helps you assume a position of thought leadership in your industry. 

No matter how you choose to use our newspaper maker, when you choose to create your own newspaper online, your options are limitless compared to its traditional printed counterpart. You can easily embed links and videos of interviews and first-hand accounts. You can build up your reader base with easy subscription options and spotlight advertisers who support your publication. The newspaper creator makes it so simple to share that your website becomes your newsstand!

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How to Make a Digital Newspaper:

  1. Upload your newspaper as a PDF document or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also upload other accepted file types, like .doc, .docx, or .ppt.

  2. Convert to an Issuu Flipbook to re-create the newspaper feel with flippable pages. 

  3. Reach a wider audience by using our Articless feature. Pull stories from anywhere in your newspaper and easily turn them into mobile-optimized Articles that are customizable and shareable on every channel.

  4. Publish and distribute your online newspaper on Issuu’s platform, and charge for your quality content using the Digital Sales feature with zero commission fees.

Fullscreen Sharing

Go big: create an immersive voyage.

If you want your readers to be completely distraction-free, we have the feature for you! Our Fullscreen feature allows you to transform your digital newspaper into an immersive reading experience. This feature automatically transforms your content into a flippable web page, so you can make it feel like your readers are holding a physical newspaper in their hands. Don’t forget to customize your flipbook so your brand and logo appear at every turn of the page. It is an interactive newspaper creator, after all!

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Connect your newspaper to relevant content around the web.

Do you want your audience to know what you’re all about? Of course! So, use our Links feature to connect your newspaper with other content creations. This feature is also super helpful to connect your newspaper with your advertisers. Simply add some in-newspaper links so people can click and see who your supporters are.

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Give your social media followers a preview of your newspaper. 

Our Stories feature is a handy tool to widen your audience. Once your newspaper is uploaded, you can use it to generate ready-made excerpts to share with the world. We’ll pull stories from your newspaper and turn them into their own mobile-optimized articles.

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Newspaper: Frequently Asked Questions

  • The usual features of a newspaper include black and white text on a gray background, with minimal graphics. Boring! However, when you create your own newspaper online, you are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to colors, backgrounds, and fonts. You can choose between a grid-based design or a multicolumn one, and you should organize your written content with sections or categories and include headlines and excerpts. And make sure you leave some space for your advertisers!

  • There are several ways to generate money from your online newspaper. One of the most popular ways is by selling subscriptions through our digital sales feature. With a quick setup, you’re on your way to commission-free selling.  Another way to generate revenue from your paper is through shoppable links to your products where appropriate. You can also create a membership program or a community calendar. Other helpful ways to make money online include sponsored content and advertising or organizing live or virtual events.

  • With Issuu you have an (almost) endless realm of possibilities when it comes to making your newspaper interactive. Flippable pages make the reading experience more interactive. Images and videos bring stories to life and links connect your newspaper to sources and relevant content around the web.


Are you ready to take your newspaper digital?

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