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Revolutionize your design process with a flipbook template that matches your goal. Whether creating a catalog, brochure, or portfolio, diverse template options make designing professional-looking content effortless. Save resources and stay on brand with the perfect blend of creativity and convenience.

Canva templates

Issuu’s app on Canva makes it easy to choose from a myriad of Canva templates and customize them to fit your brand’s unique style. Easy editing and direct publishing capabilities allow you to create professional-quality content in record time. Transform any template design into a flipbook, generate marketing assets, and share it everywhere with Issuu.

Adobe InDesign templates

Whether you’re an experienced InDesign user or a novice, choose a free flipbook template and publish it using Issuu’s integration. Customize it to fit your brand and instantly export it to generate a range of creative assets for every channel, making your content captivating and dynamic.

Adobe Express templates

Take your creations from static to stellar with the templates available through Issuu’s add-on for Adobe Express. Publish your designs directly, add interactivity, and monitor performance. Elevate your design game with minimal effort by creating easier, dreaming bigger, and publishing smarter with Adobe Express templates and Issuu.

How to create an Issuu flipbook from Canva and Adobe:

  1. Open Canva or Adobe Express and browse through their extensive library of templates. Select a free flipbook template that fits your project’s needs.

  2. Find and connect the Issuu integration on Canva and Adobe Express.

  3. Edit the template to match your flipbook ideas and brand’s style. Add text, images, and other elements to create a unique and professional design.

  4. Once satisfied with your design, instantly publish it to Issuu through our integrations.

  5. Head to Issuu to make your creations interactive by adding multimedia elements like links and videos.

  6. Go back to your Canva or Adobe Express workspace to monitor the performance of your designs, edit as needed, and more!

Templates FAQ

  • A template is a pre-designed layout that simplifies the design process. It provides a framework with placeholders for text, images, and other elements, allowing you to create professional-quality content easily. Templates help ensure consistency, save time, and make it easy to achieve a polished look without extensive design skills.

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