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If you have something to say, don't let it go unnoticed. Use our booklet creator to give your brand a voice and create a stunning booklet that tells your story in the most captivating way possible. Whether you want to showcase your portfolio, share your expertise, or promote your brand, Issuu's booklet creator is the perfect solution. Use Issuu's all-in-one platform to create, publish, and transform your digital booklet a seamless workflow. And once your booklet is published, you can easily share it across every channel with Social Posts, embed it in Fullscreen on your website, or distribute it to your audience via a newsletter.

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What is a booklet?

When you have more to say than a brochure or leaflet can cover, it’s time to think about using an online booklet maker to distribute content to those who matter most to you and your business. It's cost-effective, engaging, and interactive to publish information in a few concise pages. When you make a PDF into a booklet online, you will never look back at traditional two-dimensional printed booklets or boring, static PDFs.

A booklet is a perfect place for a deep-dive to explore your product or service and its features in greater detail than in a pamphlet or product page. With a booklet, you can go beyond the “what” and “how much” of your offer and talk about the “why” that makes customers want it. A booklet has plenty of room for sections and subsections discussing the ins and outs of your product, including how-tos and explainers to help customers get the most out of their purchase. 

A PDF booklet creator gets the job done easily and effectively. Our online booklet maker gives you complete control over what your readers see and how they interact with your publication. With our booklet creator, it can even be updated in just a few clicks.

make booklets when pamphlets wont say it all

How to make a booklet:

  1. Upload your booklet as a PDF document (Or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive).

  2. Incorporate links and add videos so your booklet is interactive and engaging.

  3. Widen your audience by using our Article Stories feature and make it a mobile-first experience. Pull stories from anywhere in your booklet and easily turn them into their own mobile-optimized articles.

  4. Make sure your audience gets the best reading experience by opting for our Fullscreen sharing feature.

  5. Finally, publish and distribute your booklet on Issuu in one click and boost your sales!

Digital Sales

Start selling worldwide with no commission.

Issuu’s Digital Sales feature allows you to easily publish and sell your newly created booklet to anyone in the world. There is no fee and we take care of all the hassle involved in getting your booklet sold. Our eCommerce solution is secure and compatible with every major credit and debit card company and multiple currencies.

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Add your content to your website in just a few simple clicks.

Your new booklet is now part of your digital presence, so make sure it’s closely linked to your existing content. Embedding your booklet on your website has never been easier with our Embed feature. Simply upload your booklet, copy and paste the embed code, and add it to your website. Easy, right? You can even customize your newly embedded booklet so it matches your website’s style and your brand’s identity.

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Cloud Connect

Access all your cloud content and upload it directly.

It has never been easier to work collaboratively on a project by using the cloud. Now you can access all your files in real-time with our integrations for Dropbox and Google Drive and upload them directly to Issuu, so your booklet can be published and distributed in no time.

from cloud to booklet in seconds

Check out these booklet examples:

Booklets: Frequently Asked Questions

  • A booklet can be about anything, but one of the best options for a business is to use a booklet as a platform for detailed product information. When customers buy a high-value or highly technical item, they often want as much information as they can get their hands on to help them make the right decision. You can use Issuu’s booklet creator to put all this information in one helpful, interactive booklet.

    Another stage in the buyer’s journey where a booklet can be handy is post-purchase. You can use a booklet to help the customer better understand their new product and give them tips on how to get the most out of it. Booklets are also great for product comparisons, either between products in your own line or your products versus a competitor’s product.

  • A digital booklet is very similar to an eBook. An eBook is a digital copy of a physically printed book, and “eBook” is a general category of digital book publications. Some digital booklets are eBooks, but not all eBooks are booklets. An eBook could be anything from a one-pager in eBook format up to a digitalized textbook. A booklet is usually shorter and has a narrower focus, like exploring a certain topic or giving product information.

  • A lot of the same best practices apply when you make a PDF into a booklet online as with any piece of digital content. You need to start with an eye-catching title that will make people want to read more. This can be supplemented with exciting visuals. Our online booklet maker includes the Article Stories feature, which allows you to share a social media preview of your booklet. Your design should be consistent with the tone of your brand and your existing fonts and colors. When you embed your booklet on your site, our Embed feature lets you adjust its appearance to match your page. Every booklet is different, but the best ones have two things in common: attention-grabbing content, and stunning visuals.


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