SSO in Issuu for Teams

Increase security, user convenience, and streamlined access for your business content using Single Sign-On (SSO) within the collaborative environment of Issuu for Teams

  • Connect to Issuu quickly and securely

  • Ensure safety and compliance for team members

  • Protect and share your digital assets

  • Host, publish, and distribute in shared workspaces

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Popular protocols, enhanced productivity

Safeguard and share your digital content seamlessly using SSO with Issuu for Teams. With SSO, your team members can securely access Issuu using a single set of credentials – reducing the need for IT support and strengthening security. 

Issuu supports popular SSO protocols, allowing seamless integration with identity providers such as Okta, Azure, and Google Workspace. Simplify access management and protect your content effortlessly.

Better security and data protection

Protect your digital assets with centralized access management, minimizing the risk of breaches, phishing, and identity theft. Maintain compliance with GDPR and HIPAA requirements by utilizing Issuu for Teams’ robust security features to safeguard sensitive information.

Seamless experience, increased adoption

Empower your teams with a seamless login experience. SSO eliminates the need to remember multiple accounts and passwords, ultimately reducing complexity and fatigue for users. This convenience improves user adoption and satisfaction.

Cost-effective and compliant

Save on operational costs associated with managing multiple login systems. SSO reduces the time spent on login activities, improving productivity across your organization. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in the process.

Create with confidence

Empower your teams with Issuu’s comprehensive SSO capabilities. Get collaboration, control, and compliance — all in one streamlined platform.

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