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Unlock Your Content’s Full Potential

Maximize your content's visibility with Issuu’s Advertising Credits. Available exclusively to Optimum plan subscribers, this feature arms you with $2,000 worth of advertising power* to boost your readership, sales, and ad revenue through targeted Promoted Reads and Impressions. Ideal for businesses of any size, Advertising Credits ensure your content gets maximum exposure with little effort.

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Greater Exposure, More Readers

Promoted Reads and Impressions elevate your content's exposure, surfacing it to a wider audience on Issuu. Promoted Reads grab attention with full-page interstitial ads, while Promoted Impressions’ auto-flipping format showcases your content in a lively embed. Grow your audience faster with the potential of reaching 10k reads or 300k impressions in a year.

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Strategic Targeting, Maximum Impact

Refine your promotional strategy with Issuu’s extensive targeting capabilities. Whether you want to test new markets or deepen your presence in existing ones, Issuu offers precise targeting by geographical location and interest categories curated by the Internet Advertising Bureau. Harness the power of targeted advertising to boost awareness and strategically expand your reader base in record time.

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Better Audience, Bigger Revenue

Using Advertising Credits on Issuu means driving immediate results through heightened visibility. Every Promoted Read or Impression contributes to your publication's statistics, enhancing overall reads and exposure. Your visibility extends further, with higher reads influencing content recommendations on Issuu. Ensure your content resonates with the right audience and secure more advertising revenue than ever.

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Advertising Credits FAQs

  • Users who subscribe to our Optimum plan are eligible to receive Advertising Credits worth $2,000 to be used throughout the calendar year.

  • “Promoted Reads” launches a full page interstitial on (basic + starter plans) Issuu.com and gives a “sneak peek” into a publisher’s content for a minimum of 7 seconds. The reader can interact with the Promoted Read content while the original publication loads in the background. The reader will be able to exit the interstitial page after 7 seconds.

  • “Promoted Impressions” shows an auto-flipping embed of your content instead of an advertisement on our document page. This ad placement only shows on ad-supported pages (user content published on Basic, Starter, and Student plans).

  • Issuu can target the following for “Promoted Reads” and “Impressions”: country, days/times, IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) interest categories, operating system, browser, browser language, device category, mobile carrier, and more.

Don't miss the opportunity to supercharge your publication's reach with Advertising Credits. Sign up for our Optimum plan today and start making waves in the digital landscape.

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* Allocation of advertising credits is based on the chosen subscription model. Optimum annual subscribers are eligible to receive $2,000 worth of advertising credits, whereas Optimum monthly subscribers are granted $500 in advertising credits.

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