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Bring your products to life with Issuu's online catalog creator, specifically designed for retailers and wholesalers who want to reach a global audience and secure more sales. Multiply your content distribution efforts with a digital catalog that mirrors the high quality of your products. 

  • Engage buyers with interactive Flipbooks

  • Enable near-instant purchases by adding Links

  • Showcase your best products with Videos

  • Market your catalog with easy Embedding

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What is a digital catalog?

A digital catalog showcases your products in a convenient, shoppable format that can be viewed on any device. Our digital catalog software enables you to create visually captivating and interactive catalogs with full creative freedom over listing, categorization, and display. Easily include product descriptions that tell a story alongside high-quality images, videos, and links, standing out in a crowded market while eliminating expensive printing and shipping costs.

A spread of pages and displays showing Issuu features

How to make a digital catalog:

  1. Upload your catalog as a PDF document (or any of these file types) from Dropbox, Google Drive, or your computer and convert to an Issuu flipbook.

  2. Add product or shopping links so purchases can be made with a few simple clicks, and embed videos for product demonstration.

  3. Embed your new digital catalog on your website and use the Fullscreen feature to immerse shoppers.

  4. Leverage Issuu’s built-in Statistics feature to monitor your catalog’s performance and better understand your audience’s expectations.

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Turn desire into action with shopping Links.

Transform your catalog into a shoppable experience by infusing every page with shopping Links. Use Issuu’s digital catalog creator to instantly connect your offerings directly to your customers’ carts, streamlining the ordering process and boosting sales with a flippable catalog that’s as eye-catching as your products.

Embed your digital catalog directly on your website.

Convert readers into buyers with Videos.

Turn casual browsing into successful purchasing with the power of embedded Videos. From detailed product demos to captivating behind-the-scenes looks, videos encourage viewers to make informed buying decisions, seamlessly converting them into loyal customers.

Send readers straight to their carts by adding shopping links to your digital catalog.

Multiply your distribution efforts across channels.

It’s never been easier to meet customers exactly where they are with products they’re sure to love. Use Issuu to share your catalog in a captivating, distraction-free Fullscreen view with a simple link. You can even Embed it directly on your website without needing a developer on speed dial. All it takes is a few clicks; simply grab the auto-generated code and go.

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Understand your customers with built-in Statistics.

For retailers and wholesalers like you it’s crucial to understand what your customers want and what drives them towards purchasing. Unlock key insights with our Statistics feature, giving you a clear and comprehensive view of your catalog’s performance at the click of a button. Monitor essential up-to-date information such as impressions, reads, read-time, clicks, and more — by publication or page.

Get to know your customers better with built-in statistics for every digital catalog you publish on Issuu.

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Catalog: FAQs

  • Creating an interactive online catalog with Issuu is straightforward and efficient. Start by designing your catalog in your preferred software, such as Canva, Adobe Express, or Adobe InDesign, then export it as a PDF using the Issuu integration with these tools. Once you exported, enhance your catalog with interactive multimedia elements such as embedded Videos, Links to your eCommerce site for easy purchasing, and more. Issuu's user-friendly interface lets you quickly turn your static PDF into a dynamic, engaging online catalog that's easily shareable and accessible on any device.

  • A catalog is a comprehensive list or collection of items, products, or services a company or organization offers. It's used as a marketing tool to showcase what's available for sale or to highlight specific services. With Issuu, your digital product catalog goes a step further. It becomes an interactive experience, enabling you to list offerings and engage with your audience through powerful multimedia elements like flipping animations and shopping links.

  • There are several types of catalogs: product catalogs, service catalogs, and fashion lookbooks. Product catalogs list items for sale, providing details like price and specifications. Service catalogs outline the company's services, often with descriptions and pricing. Fashion lookbooks, another common type, display a brand's latest collection in a visually appealing format. Issuu supports all these types, enabling creators to publish their content digitally and reach a wider audience.

  • "Catalog" and "catalogue" refer to the same concept—the former is the preferred spelling in American English, while the latter is used in British English. Regardless of spelling, both terms describe a list or collection of items.

  • Choosing an online catalog over a print version offers several advantages, including cost savings on printing and distribution, updating content in real time, and reaching a bigger audience. Online catalogs created with Issuu are eco-friendly and dynamic, allowing for the inclusion of interactive elements that engage customers more effectively than static print ever could. Moreover, digital catalogs provide valuable analytics on viewer engagement, helping businesses refine their marketing strategies based on real data.

  • To convert your paper catalog to digital, simply skip the print and easily transform your catalog into a dynamic reading experience with Issuu. Just upload your PDF and watch as Issuu turns it into an interactive digital catalog that you can share across the web in seconds. Making your content digital with Issuu is straightforward, ensuring your catalog reaches a wider audience with ease.

  • Creating a digital catalog on Issuu is straightforward and can be done at no cost with our Basic plan. Simply sign up for a free Issuu account, and upload your catalog content as a PDF. Once uploaded, Issuu converts your PDF into a sleek, shareable digital catalog. While the Basic plan offers essential features, consider upgrading to access more advanced customization and analytics tools.

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