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Tell your story and share your vision with readers in a seamless and efficient workflow with Issuu's online publishing solution. Our all-encompassing easy-to-use platform offers the ability to transform, customize, and promote your content. Simply upload a file and publish it in minutes. Create an immersive reading experience for your audience with Fullscreen reader and add embedded videos. The Digital Sales feature allows you to sell your content with zero commission fees. With Issuu, you can reach a wider audience and easily market your work with powerful features, taking your content to the next level.

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Publishers: FAQs

  • Publishing online is a much more eco-friendly and cost-effective solution than traditional publishing. Since you are moving your distribution to digital you avoid the expense of physical printing and you can distribute instantly across all of your channels. With the added ability to incorporate multimedia content, a digital publication is interactive and far more engaging.

  • Creating any publication with our digital publishing software gives you access to a new stream of revenue. You can distribute your publications as a standalone or subscription-based asset - commission-free. Your digital publication can also link directly to your website or eCommerce store with shoppable links so you can promote and sell directly to your audience.

  • Starting a digital publication is simple. If you already have a print publication in place you simply upload it to the digital publishing software rather than your printing house. If you are starting from scratch, craft written content and include creative assets that will engage your audience. Share and promote your finished publication across all of your channels to build up your reader base and create a following.

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