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Corporate FAQs

  • Annual reports are used to highlight a company’s yearly achievements through financial reports, feature major events and includes statements from the management team.

  • Issuu flipbooks can be embedded directly into your website for a seamless experience or be shared with a simple link. No coding skills are needed as we provide a simple embed code.

  • A great employee handbook provides sufficient guidance. It needs to help your employees understand what the company’s mission is and what their role in the company represents. Our employee handbook builder helps you make your employees feel welcomed and included in all your endeavors.

  • You can always add or subtract some elements, but the core of an employee handbook consists of a short introduction as welcoming words, a description of the company’s mission and values, the goals, and general employment information, focusing on employees’ rights and obligations. Use the employee handbook builder to create different sections that highlight important points along with visual content. Remember, when you create an employee handbook online you can always add to or edit your handbook.

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