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Erstelle in wenigen Minuten beeindruckende Social-Media-Assets

Nutze unseren Drag-and-Drop-Builder, um mithilfe von Vorlagen und dem schnellen Hochladen auffällige Grafiken zu erstellen. Du kannst auch bestehende Elemente wie Texte, Bilder und sogar ganze Seiten aus deinen Issuu-Publikationen einbinden. Erstelle markengerechte Social-Media-Beiträge und Stories, die mehr Besucher/innen zu deinem Content führen und die Interaktion mit deinem Publikum auf allen Kanälen erhöhen.

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Reach your audience across every channel.

Social Posts help you effortlessly create visually appealing assets to complement your digital content and promote your brand on all your favorite platforms. Transform, publish, share, and promote your content in a single workflow with Issuu. Owning your social media strategy has never been easier.

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Scale and simplify your social media marketing.

Make engaging Social Posts using visuals from your existing publications, or upload assets from your device for an added layer of customization. If you feel short on time or need some inspiration, explore our template options which are formatted for the perfect look on social grids and stories. Once designed, simply download your new post and share it on your Facebook page, Instagram story, Twitter, or anywhere your audience can be found. Social Posts will set your channels in motion.

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How do I create Social Posts on Issuu?

  1. Access “Social Posts” from the main menu on the left-hand side of your account homepage, then click “Create New Social Post.”

  2. Choose a template (for Posts or Stories) from the “Templates” icon in the editor’s left-hand column.

  3. Click the “Publication” icon, then “Select a publication” to pick your content and add an image from your publication. Or, select one of the graphics displayed in the right-hand “Pages” column.

  4. Customize your graphic by adding text with the “Text” icon and uploading images with the “Uploads” icon. Additionally, select “Background Color” to further customize the display with the color picker.

  5. Once you’re ready to save your graphic, click the “Download” button on the top right of the editor. You can download the file as a PNG or JPG file.

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With a wide range of features at your fingertips, Issuu helps you create unique and connected reading experiences.

Social-Media-Beiträge FAQs

  • You can use existing elements from your publications and/or upload new assets to quickly transform your content and download it to share on all your social channels. Our Social Post templates are also a great time saver or help if you need inspiration.

  • Anyone who would like to create visual assets for their online audience. Whether you’d like to quickly design visuals to increase engagement with your posts or create derivative assets from your Issuu flipbooks, our Social Posts builder makes it easy.

  • You can use your designs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. The templates in our drag-and-drop builder are pre-formatted to look their best on your main social media feed or in social media stories.

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