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Teilen im Vollbildmodus ist das ultimative ablenkungsfreie Leseerlebnis. Lass die Leser/innen in deine Inhalte eintauchen und zeige deine Designs mit einem einzigen Link.

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Turn your flipbook into a destination

Fullscreen sharing instantly turns your content into its own flippable web page. Link to content from an email campaign, or share via social media. It is a highly effective way to engage readers, and track conversions.

Brand your fullscreen reader

Customize the Issuu fullscreen flipbook reader with your logo and brand colors to make it your own. Even upload a custom image as a background. Issuu also automatically renders your fonts to retain your look and feel.

Own the reader experience

Take advantage of advanced features to fully engage your readers and hold their attention longer. You can choose to have readers start on page one, or open the fullscreen flipbook to a specific page. Other choices include showcasing content in a single- or multi-page format, hide Issuu branding, or disable sharing options for the ultimate control.

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With a wide range of features at your fingertips, Issuu helps you create unique and connected reading experiences.

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