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Making a digital flyer has never been easier with our digital flyer maker. Announce events, promote sales, or share big news with stunning visuals in just a few clicks. Add interactive elements to make your flyer eye-catching with ease. Plus, with the ability to repurpose your content into Social Posts, you can solve two tasks in half the time.

What is a digital flyer?

Not familiar with digital flyers? Let us explain. A digital flyer is the perfect way to spread the word about a product, event, special offer, or other news. Remember old-school bulletin boards cluttered with papers? This is a modern online version of that.

Digital flyers are straightforward and highly visual – think bright colors, bold fonts with a strong headline, and an attention-grabbing CTA. They’re quick and digestible, making them easy to blast across social media, embed on a webpage, or attach in an email. Plus, they’re cost-effective and a fairly small time commitment.

You don’t need a graphic design degree to make digital flyer magic happen either. Issuu is your digital flyer maker, just waiting to help you cut through the noise and stand out online.  You can whip up a beautiful layout in seconds, embed it on your website with zero coding skills needed, and watch the traffic trickle in.

Why use a digital flyer?

Digital flyers help you tell your story to a wide audience, allowing you to distribute a message at scale. Whether that’s a promotion for your Etsy shop or sharing your child’s school bake sale to a Facebook group, a well-designed digital flyer makes it easy. Plus, you’re not paying to print hundreds of copies, so you save money in the process. Oh, and driving around town to staple flyers? Forget about it!

When making a digital flyer, focus on a single message. You have one page to engage your audience, so every word and image needs to serve a purpose. Be selective with copy and brave with your imagery. With Issuu, clickable links make your digital flyer shoppable, and seamless cloud integrations with tools like Google Drive or Dropbox make sharing easy.

With social media and SEO, the reach of your digital flyer is virtually limitless.

Benefits of making digital flyers online

  1. Easy Embed on websites

  2. Fullscreen Sharing for distraction-free viewing

  3. Measure your success with Analytics

  4. Simple integration with your favorite tools

  5. Mass distribution

  6. Cloud integrations

  7. Add shoppable links

Host, share, and analyze your flyer in one place

Embed your way. Anywhere, anytime

Embed your digital flier directly on your website, and drive traffic straight to your attention-grabbing message. Then, copy and paste some code, and it will be live on your site.

Cloud sharing with anyone

Cloud sharing makes it easy to share your digital flier with anyone with a single link, whether that’s customers, family, friends, or the entire community. 

Data analysis in one spot

No need to duct tape tech platforms together to measure success. Get up-to-date information on impressions, clicks, and more, and export these data points into visual charts and graphs.

How to create a digital flyer

1. Upload your original flyer or leaflet as a PDF, .doc, .docx, or .ppt file. You can also import directly from Dropbox or Google Drive.

2. Now it’s time to make magic happen. Take your digital flyer to the next level with interactive links and embedded videos. Let your readers immerse themselves in your message. Add shoppable links to generate affiliate income or other revenue. Insert outbound links to reference your website, social media accounts, blog posts, and other digital assets.

3. Create a full-dimensional experience with Fullscreen viewing. This allows your reader to pop open your flyer in the largest format their screen will allow. 

4. Now, your digital flyer needs a home. Embed it directly on your website by simply copying and pasting. Add further customization with your brand logo and colors to increase brand recognition and visibility.

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  • A digital flyer is a promotional piece of content typically used to quickly advertise products and services or announce an upcoming event in one to two pages.

  • Similar to a traditionally printed flyer, digital flyers make it easy for readers to learn about a subject quickly, but they have the added benefit of being online.  Here are some ways you can make your digital flyers more useful: Add relevant links as references to encourage further exploration.  Include high-quality imagery to illustrate your topic. Embed video to captivate your audience and increase engagement. Write concisely and use an accessible font, so everything is easy to read. Make use of headings and subheadings, so each section is well-organized.

  • While quite similar, the core difference between digital leaflets and flyers is the number of pages. Digital leaflets have multiple pages of content to share their message, while digital flyers typically only have one single-sided or double-sided page.

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