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Transform your content into an unforgettable experience with our HTML5 flipbook maker. Our flippable pages create an immersive reading experience that is book-like, while the HTML5 format makes your flipbook easily accessible on any device. With this winning combination, your content is sure to stand out and make a lasting impression.

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What is an HTML5 flipbook?

An HTML5 flipbook is the open-source and fully indexed version of a digital flipbook. Our HTML5 flipbook maker adds new life to your static PDFs by immersing the reader in the experience and making it interactive. 

Issuu makes it easy to convert a PDF to an HTML5 flipbook for free. Flippable pages are an effective way to turn any of your PDF documents into engaging and interactive publications that can be shared in a flash with just a click of a button.

What really sets an HTML5 flipbook apart from a traditional PDF is that the HTML5 flipbook maker allows you to make your content interactive. The reader is immersed in the experience, and the ability to add video and other visual assets allows you to tell your story in true-to-life detail.

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How to create a flipbook in HTML5:

  1. Upload your flipbook as a static PDF to the HTML5 flipbook maker. (Or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive).

  2. Now enhance! You can add videos and interactive links to your newly created flipbook.

  3. Publish and distribute your HTML5 flipbook free on Issuu in a few simple clicks.

  4. Share your new HTML5 flipbook with your network by using our Embed feature to embed your new content on your website.

  5. Give your readers the best possible reading experience by using our Fullscreen sharing feature built into the HTML5 flipbook maker.


Drive traffic to your flipbook and showcase what’s inside.

With our exciting GIFs feature, you can turn your HTML5 flipbook into a GIF. This animated version of your flipbook shows off the flipping pages and gives a sneak preview of your content. It’s easy to share your GIF across all your social channels or embed it on pages and blog posts. Using our handy Mailchimp integration, you can embed your GIF in your email newsletter as well.

Pages of a flipbook arranged in a row, as if being shown in turn.

Article Stories

Share excerpts from your flipbook. 

Use our Article Stories feature to turn excerpts from your flipbook into mobile-optimized articles. Our HTML5 flipbook maker gives you more creative power than ever. Convert a PDF into an HTML flipbook for free and utilize the Article Stories feature to make your simple flipbook into premium content. Your readers will thank you.

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Visual Stories

Share directly to all your social channels. 

With Visual Stories you can turn your flipbook into a social media asset with just a few clicks. Our drag-and-drop functionality makes this super easy. Instantly share your flipbook content directly to the story features of Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. You can either share your story directly with this feature or download it to share later.

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HTML5 Flipbook: Frequently Asked Questions

  • HTML5 is the most browser-friendly and universally adopted format to share content online. It’s compatible with just about every internet-enabled device, from laptops to smartwatches and eReaders, ensuring that anyone can download and read your flipbook. Unlike other document formats, readers don’t need special software just to open HTML5.

  • A static PDF does not produce a dynamic and engaging reading experience like an HTML5 flipbook can. The flippable pages give the reader a book-like experience that keeps them involved in what you have to say. Embedded links or videos to testimonials, case studies, and infographics are a salesperson’s dream. Side-by-side, a static PDF simply can’t compete with the all-inclusive and immersive experience our HTML5 flipbook maker provides.

  • It couldn’t be simpler to convert a PDF to an HTML5 flipbook for free. Simply upload your PDF documents to the HTML5 flipbook maker and add videos, images, and links. We recommend using the Fullscreen feature to captivate your audience and make the experience immersive. The last step is to share your flipbook far and wide by adding it to your social channels, website, or sending it directly to the recipient.


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